Creative Writing Project 4 Kidz

A Writing Project

In a world of computers and gadgets where children often find it challenging to connect with one another in a meaningful way, creators of StorySlime SnailFarm Creative Writing Project wish to provide a surface for children not only to connect with each another but to co-create together.

The Project is designed for 9-12 year olds with the intention to support them to develop their creative muscles especially their creative writing skills in English, develop their understanding of different cultural environments and also to support their healthy emotional, moral and spiritual development.

The Project intends to reach as many children as possible all over the world and invite them to create a soap opera style cartoon program – similar to The Simpsons – based on pieces of creative writing that they write themselves on the members of the SnailFarm. (Please, see link above)

The Project will be on an E-learning site that offers a place for the children to express their creative ideas, exercise their imagination, also to discuss issues they face and are concerned with and hopefully to provide each other with ‘resolutions’ to such issues.  We greatly hope that children who join the Project will learn about each other’s culture, practice the English language, learn how to create a piece of creative writing that is enjoyable as well as find a safe and creative environment to express themselves.

The creator and the project managers are teachers, healthcare professionals, coaches and parents who provide safety and guidance for the participating children.

At present a variety of new ‘Beginnings’ is offered, while the background, the information, and the number of the Snails are being extended gradually, based on the development of the stories written by the children.

Children are asked to continue the beginning of a story that is published on the website under HOME and to submit a complete piece of writing keeping the guidelines called GuideSlimes, the environment, and characters intact.

Stories need to be completed by the deadline indicated and submitted to e-mail address.

The Project Managers guide the writers to create a piece of writing that make the grade and can be published on the site. The writings that appear on the site under StorySlimes are rewarded with a token of our gratitude and the ‘writer’ so receives an item (usually a mug) with one of the Snails printed on it.

Finally some of the stories written by the children or community of children will be used to create the Life on the SnailFarm Cartoon Soap-Opera.

If you wish to learn more about the project, please, don’t hesitate to contact us at