GuideSlimes for StorySlimes


  • Our Characters belong to different families within a community called The SnailFarm that you can read about more HERE
  • We are each special with a unique essence that is visible through the drawing and expressed through our communication and behaviour. Please keep US special however you can add to our characteristics as long as they are aligned with our original essence.
  • Please, don’t introduce new characters, but please introduce all 25 of us in your story in some way or another
  • All of us are a bit ‘crazy’ so it is expected that things go wrong in our lives, eventually, however all these need to turn out to be OK.
  • If there is a conflict there is a resolution – please don’t leave us in anxiety!
  • We can do/act in silly/selfish/even cruel manner however we don’t do anything evil.
  • No violence of any kind, no killing or harming purposefully, no shooting of any kind allowed because we are non-violent and kind natured creatures
  • Danger and gloom is OK as long as it is resolved and we sheer up at the end.


  • Your task is to continue the story on from where Philip, the Ogre boy, left it off and make as many twist and turns in your story as you like. We provided the background, a description of the Snail characters and the beginning of the story that you can find HERE and HERE and HERE.
  • We would like your story to be funny, original, unique and joyful with a special message!
  • Please keep our environment, the setting of the story intact. You can introduce new items to our environment, however. You can read about the general information on the SnailFarm and our lives HERE.
  • We would like your story to be sweet and joyful with a special message
  • Your story must be a complete story (beginning, middle and end)
  • Using your creativity you can invent new words similar to guideslime, storyslime (that we invented)
  • Make sure that your spelling and punctuation is correct
  • Please write your story in English (so we can understand it)
  • The story can run a minimum of three A4 pages and a maximum of ten A4 pages. If you type your story please use Arial font, size 12
  • You can write your story by hand or use a computer. Whichever way you do it, your story must arrive to us via email to our addresses that you can find HERE; If you handwrite your story, you will need to ask someone to scan it in (PDF or JPEG format) before you can email it to us.
Deadline for the first round of stories is (midnight) 31 January 2014.
Please don’t forget to send us your NAME, AGE, NAME OF YOUR SCHOOL, COUNTRY where you live or you are from.
We can’t wait to read your story!