The beginning

It was a beautiful morning. The Farm was buzzing with life and laughter. The Grease Factory’s chimneys were letting steam into the bright blue sky. The ElderFlower Brewery was full of sweet smell of juice. The BrainWeaver’s Level 2 pupils were letting their newly-made kites fly up high in the sky by the Great Pond. The Musical Tree was silent while the Vizu-Comm Ground was empty waiting for its first customers asking for the weather forecast or the latest news or a feature to play. The S-Ashram let out a faint hiss to remind people of the passing time. The life on the farm was calm and joyful … until …. a sudden spine-shivering scream broke the sweet melodies of the day coming from Granny Rosie’s house.

“Where is Baboon???”

Roomy and Leopold looked at each other with shame and worry in their eyes. They were the last ones who had seen Baboon earlier by the side of the Dark Forest while picking mushrooms. Grandma had left her by their care but she had ventured away from them and disappeared, probably, into the Dark Forest, the forbidden land. …

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