The Change – Scene 1


He looked tall, smart and handsome as he was standing on the podium. His deep-seated eyes sparkled with excitement. Though the silence was almost audible in the audience, he could hear the shells tremoring with expectation. He smiled with reassurance.
When it comes to change, he started, well, it is always a drag, isn’t it? He stopped for a moment. Somehow, change always comes at a bad time, and it is always somehow unwelcome. Change makes you feel uncomfortable because it seemingly pushes you in a direction you just don’t want to go.He looked around searching for nodding heads, but he could only see countless googly eyes staring at him with one single thought reflected in them: Is change really necessary? He took a big breath, ignored the uncomfortable silence and continued, hoping to make sense to all that is about to come.

And still, you may not notice it at the time, but, actually, everything changes at every single moment in time. You may not be aware of it, but you are not the same creature you were a moment ago. Even though it doesn’t look that in the moment, accumulatively, you have changed over time.
He smiled and held his breath for a little while before he continued. Deep inside, he wished he hadn’t taken on the management of the dreaded Change. Change, he said, is always here with us, just like gravity. Interestingly, no creature ever seems to complain about gravity. Do we? When it comes to change, though, we suddenly become feisty and protective. We want what we have, exactly the way it has always been, because in that moment we firmly believe that it is the best possible scenario we can ever have. However – just think about it – in the midst of our fears and discomfort, we fail to consider that change has already crept in and what we are fighting for is just not the same thing anymore.
He let a tiny smile out. He liked it. He made his point. But then, suddenly, he became serious again as he thought, what if they aren’t getting any of this? He quickly ditched the thought and continued.
If you asked your friends, neighbours, co-workers, about what their greatest wishes are in life, you would hear replies like: success, happiness, wealth, more time to relax, less rush, more security, health, peace, freedom,I often wonder if you, sluggies, realize at all, that all these wonderful things can be reached by crossing one single bridge called, ‘Change’.
During the speech Skeleton Smiles, visibly, turned from the Mayor of the tiny village of the SailFarm, to a motivational speaker of the 21st century. His eyes were full of promise and hope for a better future for them all.
After a short pause and a deep breath, he continued. You know, when a new idea is introduced, like this one at our beloved Elderflower Brewery, it is quite understandable that we tend to think of the worst scenario: losing our jobs and our steady incomes. As the Brewery is in the process of forming a larger unit together with the Butterfly Clan’s Strawberry Brewery on the other side of the forest, it is very likely that some positions will be rethought or even discontinued. I know it all sounds very scary. Please, remember, however, that change is always there in our lives, Change could be exciting and bring prosperity for us all. What do you think?
No creature moved. Every single googly eye was fixed on his bony face, on his kind but shaky smile. Really, what else was there to say, he thought to himself.
Now, he said very slowly as he was manically searching for new ideas stored in the back of his mind, Let’s talk about the actual changes! A sudden murmur screamed out of the silence. I see. Let’s talk openly then! Let me answer some of your worries and queries.
Every creature started to talk at the same time. Questions and oppositions were thrown onto the podium. Nobody could understand a word.
Though, it is his job to manage the changes resulting from the fusion of the Elderflower and the Strawberry Breweries, Mayor Skeleton Smiles, found himself in trouble again. How can he get the creatures in the village understand and accept the many changes the fusion will likely cause?
Feeling hopeless, he rolled his eyes, let out a deep sigh, and proceeded to calm the uproar. Well, let me update you on the recent events, then …

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