The Story

Here you can find general information on the Life of the Snails on the SnailFarm which is located in Grandma Ogre’s Veggie Garden and about Philipe, the story teller, and the creatures of the Dark Forest.

We live in Grandma Ogre’s Veggie Garden that we call The Farm. It is not an ordinary garden because it is the home of many snail families. It is situated between Grandma Ogre’s House and the Dark Forest.

The Veggie Garden has a pond called The Great Pond with a bridge in the middle. It is full of flowers, different big leafy plants, tones, rocks, trees, an upside-down vegetable pot, an old  and deserted salad bowl and half a pair of giant training shoes.

The House  belongs to Grandma Ogre, she is huge, we can only see her feet. When she approaches the earth shakes under her steps. Scary! She does not see us very well either. and she does not like us very much because we tend to eat parts of her plants, veggies and flowers.


Sadly, there are dangers in life.  Occasionally, when she gets very cross with us, she puts out some beer or salt to threaten us., because we can be ‘poisoned’ by the ‘White-Line’ which is simple salt poured onto the ground. As we walk across it, it dissolves our body and we disappear into a pool of moist. Also, we can get very sick on alcoholic beverages such as beer.

She is not a bad Ogre, but she really does not understand us or our life and, anyway, we are too small and disinteresting for her. We dont think she realizes how much could hurt with the salt and beer.

She is regularly visited by a young boy, her grandson, Philip. He loves us, Snails. He is a friend of ours.

The Dark Forest is full of mystical creatures. It is a very dark place, the unknown, only the most courageous Snails venture out in there to explore it.

Sadly, there are some dangers to our life. We can be ‘poisoned’ by the ‘White-Line’ which is simple salt poured onto the ground. As we walk across it, it dissolves our body and we disappear into a pool of moist. Also, we can get very sick on alcoholic beverages such as beer.

The Dark Forest and the Ogre House are forbidden territories for us because those are dangerous places that we don’t know too much about.

We live in a community on the Farm. We are generally kind natured. When we want to express our love and care for each other we do that by touching each other with our small tentacles.

Our Faith is called Heliocentrism.  We worship the Golden Vortex and The Great Vortex Spirit’s Vision lives in our SnAshram located by The Great Pond where we also hold our regular community meetings. Our SnAshram is a huge daisy in the middle of the Farm under which we gather for sharing and silent contemplation. We contemplate in order to get closer to The Great Vortex Spirit to whom all snails return upon cessation (a bringing or coming to an end). Each of us must learn to levitate (to rise into the air and float beyond the force of gravity) at some point in our lives. Levitation is a necessary skill for our survival but it also a special skill so it can only be acquired via active contemplation and service to others. Those who can levitate can lift up and jump over the ‘White-Line’.

We love Sports, Music and Dance. Our favourite sports are Snail-Race and Tail-Ball and but we are always open to learn different new types of sports. Some of us play different instruments. We have a music group called the SnailFarm Classic-Shell Orchestra. We also like dancing especially Slow-Dance and Slime-Swing. The Concerts and musical events are usually held at the Musical Tree that is located between the Vizu-Comm Ground and The Dark Forest.

The Vizu-Comm Ground is a huge interactive Screen where we can check the weather forecast, the news or we can watch a feature.

BrainWeaver is the place where we develop our cerebral ganglion (a collection of nerve cells that serve as the brain) because it is very small. Some of us are really very good at this.

In general, we eat green leafy veggies that is very healthy for us, but we also love sweet stuff so we have an ElderFlower Brewery to provide is with sweet juice and syrup. There is also a Grease-Factory on the Farm which provides us with extra grease if needed. We need extra mucus (also called slime) to move faster. We are still researching how exactly we can use the grease made in the Factory.  The temperature in the Farm has changed a lot in the past few centuries, it has become much drier. This threatens us that we may dry out and we are afraid because we cannot move without our slime.


Our Houses are located all around the Farm. Some of us live under huge plant leaves, some in the Salad Bowl or under the upside-down flower pot.